Paris Walks

Take one of our self-guided Paris walks, if you have the time, and get to know this beautiful city. My approach to walks is to be a flaneur – someone who walks for the pure enjoyment of the walk, absorbing all the sights and sounds as they go. As defined by Baudelaire, a flaneur is ” a person who walks the city in order to experience it “.

Don’t be deceived by the time length on these walks. The time indicates walking the entire walk without stopping. These can stretch into much longer walks if you visit the suggested museums or churches along the way or take time to stop and enjoy a suggested sidewalk café. Don’t forget that there are shops to be explored that will also lengthen the time of your walk.

The Latin Quarter (5th arrondissement) Paris Walks

Luxembourg Garden with Pantheon in the background

Luxembourg Garden with Pantheon in the background

The Latin Quarter in the 5th arrondissement is home to universities, their students and other intellectuals. This list of intellectuals includes some of our most famous writers: Jean-Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemmingway, and Balzac to name a few.

These self-guided walks will take you by the homes of these and other famous writers and also give you the opportunity to visit the Church of Saint Germain des Pres, the Luxembourg Gardens and Museum and still have time for a stop at the historic café of Deux Magots.

Click here for the walk to the east of Blvd St Michel

Click here for the walk to the west of Blvd St Michel


The Marais: Châtelet to Picasso for Tea Lovers Paris Walks

(4th Arrondissement)


We begin this walk with a view of the 17th century at the historic Châtelet Metro stop and finish the day at the Picasso Museum. Along the way we will stop for dejeuner (our mid-day meal) at a famous tea shop


Click here for the Tea Lovers Walk-Marais




Window Boxes and What Lies Beneath (6th Arrondissement) Paris Walks


This stroll (self-guided walk) is going to focus on the beautiful windows to be found in Paris but we will also discover chocolate shops, tea and coffee shops, French and also English bookstores and a plethora of amazing little boutiques along the way.



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