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travel guide linksAre you ready to plan that trip abroad but you are not quite sure where to get started. On this page you’ll find travel guide resources for VISAs and passports, travel insurance, and even a great source for the serious budget traveler.

My website focuses on France but there are other tourism destinations you may want to explore. At the bottom of this page, I’ve included a list of quality websites that I believe will assist you in planning your trip. Let your destination imagination run wild with these interesting links of travel information and tourism to get your planning started.

Document Requirements


Document Translation

If you need travel documents translated but don’t know what service to use, ConsumerAffairs has your back. They’ve created this translation services guide that helps short-term or long-term travelers to France choose the best translation service for their needs. Translation Services

Travel Insurance

My first suggestion for travel insurance is to read the fine print on your credit card agreement. Some credit card companies offer travel insurance provided you have booked your airline tickets through their card.

Are you traveling for an extended period? It’s a good idea to purchase travel insurance. There are a multitude of choices out there, each of which will be affected by your age, length of travel, and countries of travel. To help you sort out the options, this page helps you Compare Travel Insurance Options.

Traveling with a Medical Condition or Disability

WebMd offers information for travelers who have diabetes and this general information page provides you with links for traveling with either a medical condition or disability.

Budget Travel Guide

Planning a gap-year trip or just looking for some serious ways to budget your expenses so you can get the most mileage out of your money?
Budget Travel is an interesting site that bases their advice on 5 years of nomadic living.

Gap Year – Yay or Nay

Gap Force
has an informative article if you are considering a gap year experience. Employers want more than just good grades, they want employees with a broad range of experiences which a well structured gap year can provide.

Retiring in France and Property

Additional information from non-government sites pertaining to passports, visas, retiring in France, etc, can be found in our travel guide information section. If you have visited France before and are now at the stage where you would like to purchase property there, 1st for French Property can help you realize your dream.


For those of you interested in genealogy research, check out www.familyhistoryalive.com to help you further your research. Perhaps you will discover you have ancestors from France. All the more reason to visit our favorite country!

General travel guide links

Travel the World Guide is an online travel blog. It offers travel articles and information including travel tips, city guides, hotel and restaurant reviews, frequent flyer tips, photos and videos.

Exquisite Romantic Vacations has ideas and tips for romantic vacations and getaways throughout Europe and the United States.

Romantic Vacations & Destinations for Two is NOT just about the romantic location. It is also about what to do once you get there. Spending time as a couple and sharing things you both enjoy is the ultimate goal.


Are you searching for amazing landscapes, wildlife, beaches and pleasant climate, why not consider Australia or New Zealand. The selection of travel guides to these two countries is growing as we search for just the right Australia and New Zealand guides for you.


The Americas

Are you planning a vacation to a North America destination? If you are considering travel to the US or Canada we are building a travel guide resource for these destinations as well.To facilitate an easy search of North America, the travel guides will be divided by Regions. You will find resources on


Planning to tour America? A great way to see the U.S. is by planning a road trip. Family Vacations Hidden Gems includes travel tips as well as unique tourist attractions to make your trip memorable


While you are in France you may want to check out Spain, Portugal or England not to mention all the other countries that are close by like the Netherlands. We are happy to provide you with these information sites to help you broaden your international experience.

Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom

Austria, Czech Republic, Germany Hungary, Poland, Slovakia Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine

Belgium, France, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands

Balearic Islands, Greece, Italy,Portugal, Spain



Maybe you are interested in offroad motorcycle tours in Vietnam or visiting Japan. Our Asia travel guide section may have just what you are searching for. You can also find Africa travel guides to assist you with information about Africa vacations.

The Caribbean is always a destination for cruise ships but I don’t want to spend my precious vacation time on a boat. I want to be experiencing the culture, people and sites. If you feel the same, then check out the Caribbean guides.


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