Gothic Cathedral Metz

The Gothic Cathedral Metz, Cathédrale Saint Étienne built with yellow Jaumont limestone dates from the 13th century. Jaumont limestone is still exported today around the world for buildings.

metz cathedral

Cathédrale Saint Étienne , Metz


Both of the pictures below give you a small idea of the architectural detail found on the exterior of the Gothic Cathedral Metz but I especially like the second photo as you can see the detail of the gargoyles that are used as water spouts. Sadly, the day was gray and rainy which did nothing for the already dismal looking stone that the cathedral is built from.


The stained glass windows of the Cathedral are some of the largest in the world, covering 70,000 square feet and spanning the 13th through the 20th centuries. As found in the Cathedral of Reims, you will also find in Saint Etienne modern day stained glass by Marc Chagall (first photo).

Stained glass windows by Chagall, Gothic Cathedral Metz

Stained glass windows by Chagall

Cathedral altar


Cathédrale Saint Étienne

To me, the exterior of the Cathedral is fairly unremarkable, but once you step inside all of that changes. The height of the nave and beauty of the windows is overwhelming. The Cathedral of St Etienne has the third highest nave of any cathedral in France. 


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