Work Abroad

Whether you are looking for seasonal work abroad, wanting to volunteer abroad or seeking an overseas job permanent position, the search will be easiest if you are a member of the European Union. Movement between EU countries is fairly unrestricted just as movement between states is in the US. If you are an American wanting to work abroad in a permanent position in France then there will be hoops to jump through to obtain a French work permit provided you are a highly skilled professional (IT, engineers, etc).

On the other hand, if you are an author, artist or scientist, you belong to a special visa category which will put a different slant on your work abroad. If you go to France as a student, then you will have a student visa which will entitle you to work half-time. Getting certified for teaching English overseas is probably one of the easiest ways as an American to step into the workforce.

If you are not looking for a permanent job then the process to find work abroad is a bit simpler. That is why seasonal jobs provide you with a work abroad opportunity that comes with fewer hassles. Provided for you here are a list of predominantly short-term opportunities for either paid work abroad in France or the opportunity to work as a volunteer abroad. Our daughter did this one summer between graduate degrees and it was a great experience for her. Volunteer work is a wonderful way to explore a region if you are considering a move to France or even the purchase of a vacation home.

Internships/les Stagiairs, Seasonal Work, Short term Jobs

  • Grape Picking in France – Farm work in vineyards based in the Beaujolais and Maconais regions just north of Lyon. Bed and board provided.
  • World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) – We link volunteers with organic farmers, and help people share more sustainable ways of living. Hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles.
  • Anjou LTD – Seasonal work involving the harvest of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants and cassis for adults residing in Europe or foreign students with a residence permit allowing them to work on French territory.
  • SOLDIVE – Soldive is the leading producer of Charentais melons in France. There is an English page but you will find the summer jobs link on the French page.
  • Hotels and Restaurants – Jobs in hotels and catering.
  • CIDJ – This organization provides youth with information on the following: initiatives and projects, studies, careers, work-linked training, counseling, job training, internships, jobs summer study abroad, scholarships, student housing, international mobility …
  • Multilingual Recruitment – A European bilingual recruitment network that connects progressive companies with qualified individuals.
  • Language Jobs – Choose your language to see the jobs available.
  • Language Jobs 4 U – Search for English and French tour guide positions.
  • Seasonal Jobs in France – These summer jobs range from mountain bike guides, drivers, maintenance, hotel manager and more. There are also winter ski resort jobs listed.
  • Abbey Road Summer Programs – Abbey Road seeks qualified individuals to lead summer language immersion and pre-college programs in Spain, France, Italy, Greece and the U.S. for high school students. Ffaculty and staff are typically high school teachers, university instructors, graduate students, and highly-qualified college graduates.
  • Transitions Abroad – This site provides a wealth of information on seeking a job abroad whether you are looking for summer work, volunteer work or a permanent position.
  • Transitions Abroad Website Listings – This site gives information on where to look for job postings (such as the notice board at the American Church in Paris) and also has a good listing of websites to explore.
  • Carisma Holiday Jobs – This vacation agency is looking for responsible manager, couriers and children’s couriers (aged 18+) to take a summer job in France.
  • Fruit Picking – A list of seasonal jobs picking fruit in France.
  • Resort Jobs – summer resort jobs
  • Summer Adventures – Summer jobs in France for English speaking teens and students
  • New Au Pair – a listing of aupair and nanny jobs
  • Go Abroad Jobs – There are 35 organizations offering a total of 77 jobs abroad.
  • Seasonal Workers – Provides a page of agencies that are recruiting summer staff.

Volunteer Jobs

  • Volunteer Abroad – There are 26 organizations offering a total of 52 volunteer abroad programs.
  • La Giraudiere – Volunteer job providing room and board, 3 days a week holiday for your own explorations, training, and transfer transportation. In return you pay 182 euros per week and work 3 ½ days per week for a total of 25 hours.
  • CADIP-Volunteer in France – Under the supervision of municipal councilors, the volunteers in this project will work on the renovation of hiking paths.
  • Sabranenque – Volunteer Program – International work projects; restoring sites and preserving techniques.

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