Voie Verte Cycling is a Wonderful Way to Explore Rural France

Cycling the Voie Verte in France can be as challenging or relaxing as you choose. Have no fear if you have not been riding since you were a kid. This cycle path is for everyone and its amazing views are something not to be missed!

The Voie Verte is a green way that can be found in several areas of France but it is the 117km in the southern Burgundy region that we love…


Views from the Voie Verte in the southern Burgundy Region


These cycle paths (‘les pistes’) have as their foundation former railroad beds and haulage paths. They are paved, frequently shady and have little gradation. These paths provide a pleasurable and relaxing way to pass time as there are no cars to contend with. Additionally, we love them as a traffic-less means of getting from one village to another.


Voie-verte entrance into St-Gengoux le National

Along the route you will find car parks, handicap access, toilets, seating and picnic areas, and water. You will also discover bicycle (‘le velo’), tandem bike and skate (‘patin à roulettes’) rental. In addition, there is easy access to local villages and towns where bicycles can also be found at the Tourist Information Centers.

Below, we followed signs from the cycle path to an artist’s exhibition – what fun that was! I doubt we would have discovered this had we been in a car.



On the V.V. you will meet walkers and skaters. It is an excellent place for family outings! One day we passed a man who was in-line skating as his wife rode her bike. We discovered that you are never too old to enjoy life – the couple was in their 80s!

Cycling provides an easy way to get upclose and personal with sunflower fields and vineyards. Through this area of Burgundy the fields alternate between wheat, sunflowers and vines.


Sunflowers upclose

Branching out from the green way in the Burgundy region are 24 additional routes that follow small roads. These routes have fewer than 1,000 vehicles per day and offer a great opportunity to enjoy local arts and crafts, culture and local life in the southern Burgundy region. Enjoy life – enjoy France while you cycle!

Voie-Verte Video From my Bike

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