Pep’s Umbrellas is a True Paris Treasure Tucked Away in Passage de l’Ancre

Pep’s Umbrellas was the treasure I found when I explored Passage de l’Ancre (Passage of the Anchor)! From the outside, this particular passage looked industrial and bland. But the door was open- who could resist? I’m glad my curiosity got the best of me. If you’ve ever read Alice in Wonderland, then you know how I felt. Walking into this passage gave me that same sense of wonder as Alice must have felt when she fell down the rabbit hole! I truly felt as though I had stepped into a wonderland.

pep's umbrellas, passage, paris

Entrance to Passage de l’Ancre


pep's umbrellas, passage, paris

Passage de l’Ancre is a wonderland of greenery and flowers.

Vines, greenery and flowers abound on this little country street in Paris!

pep's umbrellas, passage paris

Passage de l’Ancre

Pep’s is the one shop in this little passage that caught my eye. It’s colorful sign and umbrella by the door were definitely intriguing.

pep's umbrellas, passage, paris

Don’t you love the sign!

Pep’s Umbrellas has been in this location since the 1960s. Not only does Monsieur Thierry Millet repair umbrellas of all types but he also makes custom umbrellas. According to a newspaper article on his site, approximately 10,000 people come here annually to have their umbrellas repaired.

pep's umbrellas, passage, paris


I found the entrance to this wonderful little passage at 30 rue Turbigo the same day I went in search of the Angel of Turbigo which is at #57. According to Pep’s website, this is considered the oldest passage in Paris and was named after an inn that had an anchor for its sign.

pep's umbrellas, passage, paris

Another interesting sign in Passage de l’Ancre

Wandering through Passage de l’Ancre you quickly arrive at the rue Saint-Martin entrance. This is a short passage but very much like a walk in the park. Even the windows boxes were colorful.

pep's umbrellas, passage, paris


Pep’s Umbrellas – a look inside

Although in French, this short video offers you a glimpse inside the shop. If you are wondering why anyone would bother to have an umbrella repaired with the availability of inexpensive replacements, then watch the video. If I owned that cute Eiffel Tower umbrella, I would definitely pay to have it repaired as it is one of a kind!


Finding Pep’s Umbrellas

Note that the address below is for the store that fronts rue Saint-Martin. The marker on the map is for the repair shop inside Passage de l’Ancre.

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