A Photographic Journey through Paris Passages and Galeries

I love these old Paris Passages and Galeries, truly predecessors to our modern malls to a small extent. If, after looking at these photos, you are intrigued and want to visit them when you are in Paris, take a look at my detailed page on the Passages and Galeries in Paris where you can enjoy historical architecture, shop, or eat.

Passage Bourg l’Abbe was the first of the Paris Passages Galeries that I visited. After reading a book on all these covered passages and how beautiful the entrances are, I was so disappointed by the fairly plain entrance. But, not to be deterred, I wandered through this beautiful little part of Paris Passages Galeries with photos being the first thing on my mind. The beautiful light fixtures really drew me in as I was too early to do any shopping.


Passage Bourg l’Abbe Back Entrance


Passage Bourg l'Abbe

Passage Bourg l’Abbe

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had actually entered through the “back door” ! The beautifully artistic front entrance did not disappoint!


Passage Bour l'Abbe

Passage Bourg l’Abbe Front Entrance

I believe that my favorite part of this passage was the weather clock that was about half way through the passage just beneath the beautiful glass ceiling support.

Weather Clock Passage Bourg l'Abbe

Weather Clock Passage Bourg l’Abbe

More Paris Passages

Paris Passages

Passage du Grand Cerf


Paris Passages

Passage du Grand Cerf

Above, Passage du Grand Cerf (passage of the large deer) is beautiful. Elegant tilework graces the floor and beautiful natural wood frames shop facades. The glass ceiling provides wonderful light on even the grayest of days. At 36 feet high, it is the tallest passage in Paris.

Paris Passages

Passage Ponceau


Paris Passages

Passage du Caire

At the left above, Passage Ponceau, sports a beautiful window box of flowers above its entrance. If you are clothes shopping, this would be the passage for you.

At right above, Passage du Caire (named for Cairo Egypt) is the longest of the Paris Passages Galeries. There are three corridors to this passage and six entrances.

Paris Passages

Passage des Panoramas

Above, Passage des Panoramas has an amazing collection of restaurants, antique bookstores, and philatelic stores. Connected to this passage/galerie is  Passage Jouffroy. This would be my favorite passage simply because of one store, La Cure Gourmand. In this shop you can purchase an incredible variety of cookies from around France. They are all rich and decadent and simply amazing!

Paris Passages

Passage Jouffroy

While you are in this neighborhood shopping and taking photos of these Paris Passages Galeries, be sure to continue on down rue St Denis to the Arc de Triomphe Porte St Denis and Arc de Triomphe Porte St Martin.

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