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Maps or APPS or APPS with Maps: Does anyone still use paper maps or is everyone using APPS ? The answer is Yes! to both. There are still those persons who prefer that paper map over the offline map apps on their phone. As for moi? I like to look at the paper map before I hit the road so I have a general idea in my head as to my route. I feel it gives me a better sense of the “big picture”. But my offline map apps get well used once I’m on the road.

Maps or APPS : to use paper maps or not

I love having a paper map of France when planning my trip. For example, each trip to Paris or any city finds me marking the sights I want to see and then planning my route for each day. Once I’m on location, I then shift to my phone.

This Paris metro map is updated and specifically designed for you phone. Just open the link on your phone, download and save to your photos. I’m all about not using up data on my phone if I don’t have to! You can also print it out before you leave home and take a paper copy with you. If you’ve never read a metro map before, have a look at my Paris Metro page for assistance.

If you have unlimited data on your phone when traveling abroad then I’m a bit jealous. Even if you have an international data plan for your trip, why use up your data allowance when you don’t have to? I’ve been searching for apps that will provide me with accurate maps but also allow me to remain offline. Here is what I’ve found.

APPS: Offline Map Apps of France

You’ll need to be online to download these maps but once you’ve done that, the apps require no internet connection.
Maps.me : This app is great! It’s installed on my Ipad Mini. I can download the maps I need while on my home wifi and then the map is ready to use when I need it. What’s not to love about the ease of this Paris map. You can see from the screen clip that it denotes bus stops, metro stops, cafés, museums, numerical addresses etc. According to their website this app is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry and Amazon Kindle Fire.

offline map apps

Map.me screen shot from Ipad Mini

Maps.me is a free download which you can access for your specific device: maps.me download

Paris Metro Map

Paris Metro Map and Route Planner: This is a wonderful metro map for Paris. The newest version also features POI (Point of Interest) which allows you to find the metro station nearest the landmark you want to visit. Another great feature is the “onward travel”. Just tap your metro stop, then tap Onward Travel when the small navigation box opens and you are then transported to a street map. This app functions both on and offline and is officially licensed from the RATP. This one of the offline map apps is available on iTunes for Apple users and Google Play for Android users.


offline map apps

Paris Metro Map and Route Planner screen shot from Ipad Mini

RATP: This offline map app is for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7. The app allows you to not only see the metro map and bus map but it also allows you to view live departures and plan a journey. Just tap the metro stop of departure [I tapped Gare d’Austerlitz] then tap “To” in the query box to enter your destination [I entered metro stop Place d’Italie]. The destination can be either a location such as the Tour Eiffel or it can be a metro stop. RATP is also available for your iPhone.


offline map apps

RATP metro map screen shot Windows Phone

Note that once the journey is previewed, you have the options to see it on the map.


offline map apps

RATP screen shot from Windows Phone

If you’ve used offline map apps that you’d like to review and share on this page, please enter in the comment box below. I’d love to hear from you!


Although this Google Map is not offline, not an APP and not a paper map, I still believe that as a map it can be useful. I use this map frequently when searching for lodging. Descriptions often describe an apartment or hotel’s location via arrondissement . That makes this Google Map of Paris’ arrondissements perfect to help me decide if it is a location I would be happy with.


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