Lys in Southern Burgundy is an Artisan Filled Gem

Have you ever heard of or been to Lys? This small hamlet of artisans is well-known locally but if you try searching for information, it is difficult to discover much of anything. Pinpointing Lys on a map app or google is also difficult because it is so tiny – be prepared to zoom in multiple times!A google map is at the bottom of this post. From Cormatin (which has a chateau you might want to visit), take the D187, Route de Chissey.

We really didn’t know what to expect from Lys, if anything, but the route to Chapaize via Lys seemed as if it would be the less traveled road. And it was, except for the large group of cyclists which passed us.  We had a wonderful time exploring the little up and down paths (chemins) and stopping in each of the little shops. 


Beautiful Burgundian vistas

Exploring Ateliers in Lys

The ateliers (artisans) were welcoming but only a few spoke a little fragmented English. Not a problem! Between the four of us, we managed a sufficient fragmented French vocabulary to make ourselves understood.


Hamlet of Lys


Waiting for the Poterie to open and watching the cat nap on the warm stone wall.

One of our favorite artisans was the potier, or potter. He does beautiful pottery and each time we visit my daughter adds a piece to her collection. This time she bought a lovely salad bowl. I completely forgot to take any photos of his shop as we were too busy trying to decide what we could buy that would also travel home safely.


Walls of wool!


Tapestry in progress – Lys France

I enjoyed wandering through the weaver’s shop. The walls of colored wool and the loom were fascinating. Just down the road is a leather-goods shop that sells handmade shoes and purses. The shoes were incredible and as they were made to order, so was the price!

Historic Lavoir in Lys

As we exited Lys on our way to Chapaize, we passed by the ancient lavoir. The frescoes on the wall have been protected well from the elements. These lavoirs, which were for communal clothes-washing, were still in use in France as late as the 1950s.


Ancient lavoir – a communal place for washing clothes


chapaize lys

Beautifully preserved frescoes inside the lavoir of Lys


Finding Lys

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    searching on google earth for Lys, as it sounds right up my street, but no joy, could you give a map link or something please?

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