Cycling in France

Cycling France can be an amazing experience whether you are a serious enthusiast or a novice.

You have the option to rent a bike in the city or to cycle France in the beautiful country-side. If you plan to cycle in the country, taking day trips, I would suggest investing in a pair of cycle shorts. They will really improve your day!

Rental schemes such as the  Vélib’ rental scheme in Paris are showing up in more and more larger cities across France. As we explore those cities we will also explore their rental scheme.

Bicycles listed as VTT are ‘velos tous terrains’ meaning that they are mountain bikes. If there is no scheme such as the Vélib’ then you should proceed to the nearest Tourist Information Center. Sometimes bikes (including tandem bikes) can be rented through the Tourist Information Centers (designated on maps by an italics lower case ‘i’) and sometimes there are rental location at or near the main train station. The Tourist Information Center should be able to provide you with a map and directions to the rental center.

cycling-disasterYou will need your passport and either a credit card or Euros for the deposit on the bicycle if you are going to cycle France. Ask for a bike with paniers (saddle bags)or a basket. Both of these are nice convenient features! You really want to avoid having to bungee your jackets and water bottles on the back like we did the first time we rented bicycles!

Bicycles can be rented for the day or week and you can even rent tandem bikes. These are great fun for couples!

Have no fear if you have not been riding since you were a kid. You will feel right at home on the seat before you know it.

Check out cycling through the Burgundy vineyards and sunflower fields at  Voie Verte or our  Lorraine cycling jaunt in the southern part of the Alsace Lorraine Metz area.

If you are exploring the chateaux in the Loire River Valley, you will want to check out the  Eurovelo Route that follows the Loire River from Nantes to Orleans and beyond all the way to Budapest!

If cycling is your passion, you might want to consider Cycle  France.


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