Brittany, much like Normandy, is predominantly a rural department.  The vast coastal face provides you with a variety of experiences from the fortified resort town of Saint Malo to the magic of the Neolithic stones found at Carnac. Inland, there are a myriad of villages  some of which will make you feel as if time has passed them by.

The old town of  Saint Malo  is a wonderful example of a fortified citadel. St Malo is a port city with beautiful beaches and clear blue water. It has a lively market on Saturdays and if you want to try your hand at sailing there are schools that provide sailing lessons of several varieties.


St Malo coastline

Carnac, located on the western edge of France facing the Bay of Biscay, consist of three groups of menhirs.  The word menhir originates from old Breton (men = stone, hir = long) and is defined as a large upright standing stone. Menhirs can be found as a single monolith or in groups. They are most numerous in Ireland, Great Britain and Brittany. There are nearly 3000 of them in Carnac.

Alignement Menec Carnac

Carnac, Brittany France

If you want to see the largest standing stone in France then travel back up the coast to the Finistère Department.  This 31 foot mammoth is located at Kerloas on the D5 roadway (taller stones exist but have fallen down whereas this one is still standing). The beaches in this area have fine white sand  amid the granite outcroppings.

On the far eastern edge of the Breton region of France lies my favorite town,  Fougères  which has been designated as a Ville et Pay d’Art et d’Histoire (Town and Land of Art and History). The  Chateau de Fougères  is a wonderful place to visit, especially if you have children. Being able to walk the ramparts and enjoy the views is wonderful way to spend the afternoon as your children enjoy a vivid game of pretend. In the Public Gardens  which behind the Church of St Lèonard, you will discover that Fougères was once a stronghold for salt smugglers during the Middle Ages.

Chateau de Fougeres' wall

Chateau de Fougères