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Hello ! I am Debbie, creator and primary photographer for France Travel Info. This site is not a corporate site. It was created because I have a deep and abiding love for France, her history, people and food .  My family is of French descent as is my husband’s so it is just natural that our travels take us to France.

We love traveling around France. This site was born because I want to share that experience with you! My hope is that your trip to France will be the best possible experience it can be.

The places I write about are places that we have been, enjoyed and plan to return to.  Some of the pages will also be about places that are on our “to do” list that I will update with photos once we have returned.  I’m just your the typical traveler, but I also have a real passion for places that make me feel a part of everyday life in France.

Some of our best vacations have been “stay-cations” .  We rent a house, stay local in our activities, and do lots of cooking. That would include enjoying a steady diet of wine, baguettes and wonderful French cheeses! The “chore” of cooking which I dread at home is exciting and enjoyable when  cooking with fresh locally grown produce bought at a local market in France. I’ve included some of our favorite French recipes that our French friends have shared with us. Just enter recipes in the search box.

I love to experience France at the local level. Riding through the countryside on a bicycle, going to brocante (antique) sales and local markets gives us this chance.

Before we go, I spend my spare time with travel books, brochures and searching the web. Tourism websites provide a good starting point. However,  I also want to know what actual visitors have to say. Reviews, blogs and websites just like this one provide me with the best insight as to how to plan our trip.

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