French for Travelers

Use these study tips to prepare for your trip with easy to learn French for travelers!

Quickly prepare for your arrival in France with this French for travelers guide. A little bit of French vocabulary will help your confidence as you travel.

Visiting a foreign country often requires that you know some useful phrases and basic words. Sometimes this is necessary for survival and sometimes it is necessary just to be polite. Whatever the reason, you want to be prepared!

If you have had French before, you might want to consider a refresher course in France or check out this magazine from France Bien Dire to help you review.

Whether it is merely a case of politeness or survival, now is the time to teach yourself useful French phrases and expand your French vocabulary.

You can then move on to the section of travel advice tips and etiquette. My goal is to help you prepare in every way so that you have the most enjoyable time possible.

To begin with, purchase a set of note cards. Thirty years of teaching experience has shown me that students learn new information best in small bites.

On each note card put the French vocabulary word/phrase on one side with its French pronunciation and the English word/phrase on the opposite side. Carry your note cards with you. Those wasted minutes when you are waiting in line, waiting for an appointment, etc. are going to turn into valuable study time. When you have a free moment, study 2 or 3 of your cards (at most!). Notice that I have woven words in French throughout the entire website. Don’t forget to include those on your note cards!

You will be surprised at how effortlessly you will learn the useful phrases and basic French vocabulary words by utilizing this otherwise wasted time.

Ready to study French for travelers? Do you have your note cards? Click on the link for the desired section.


Check out the following information if you are interested in a more indepth study of French:

  • How to Learn French step-by-step instructions by a native French teacher. Free Audio Lessons for learning basic French Phrases easy and fast such as Thank you in French.

  • has lessons for learning basic beginners-level French online including basic phrases, vocabulary words, grammar rules, pronunciation, songs and much more with video and audio podcast lessons. As you practice your vocabulary, reinforce it with the correct pronunciation found on their videos.

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