Chapaize and Lys

Burgundy Region- Chapaize: Countryside between Cormatin and Chapaize

Located in the Burgundy Region of France, Burgundy-Chapaize is a small village that was an easy bicycle ride from our gite near St. Gengoux. We cycled through Cormatin (where we returned for our evening meal) and then through Lys before we arrived in Chapaize.

Burgundy Region France - Lys Lys is a small hamlet of artisans. One of our favorites is the potier, or potter. He has some beautiful pottery and each time we visit my daughter adds a piece to her collection. This time she bought a beautiful salad bowl.

There is also a weaver and a leather-goods shop that sells handmade shoes and purses.

Burgundy Region France -Lys France tapestry shop

Chapaize also has local artisans and our favorite here is the wine merchant whose house and cellars are but a short distance from the church. You can sample and purchase wine here, which we did!

Chapaize Church of St MartinThere is a wonderful 11th century Romanesque church of St Martin in Chapaize. Because of its exceptionally tall bell tower, the church is easily seen from a distance as you approach it.

Across the street from the church is a little restaurant named Le St Martin. The food was wonderful and it was a lovely setting to be in the shadow of such a beautiful church.

Chapaize epicerie vanWhile we were there we got to experience a very local event – the weekly visit by the traveling grocer. In small villages and hamlets where there is no bakery or green grocer a local bakery and/or small grocer from a larger town will make scheduled visits

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